art. 906
art. 906
  • S - baby 60 x 120
  • M - single 90 x 195
  • L - queen-size 140 x 195
  • XL - queen-size 160 x 195
art. 906
Mattress Cover

Waterproof, breathable and anti-mites, composed of TENCEL Fiber, an extremely thin layer of polyurethane and still Technology AEGIS.

TENCEL (natural fiber from the wood) – breathes with the body, absorbs and quickly releases moisture and preserves body heat.

PROTECTIVE BARRIER – Waterproof and breathable, the thin polyurethane film prevents the development of bacteria and dust mites (major cause of asthma, rhinitis and eczema).

ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY AEGIS – revolutionary technology based on the fixation of a permanent non-migrant coating on the fibers that avoids the growth and proliferation of microorganisms (fungus).

Recommended for people with sensitive skin, keeps the mattress clean and hygienic.


S: 60 x 120

M: 90 x 195

L: 140 x 195

XL: 160 x 195

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